JKR Write’s a Prequal for Auction


Although JK Rowling stated that she would never write a prequel for the Harry Potter books, she wrote a “fanfiction” for what some have called it (I would call it a fun story into her favorite character, Sirius Black).The story was auction off in London last June. There’s a catch though: the prequel is only 8oo-words long, written on an index card and stars James Potter and Sirius Black 3-years before Harry was born (courtesy of leakycauldron.org).  The proceeds from the auction benefited two charities: English PEN which promotes the freedom to write around the world, and Dyslexia Action.   It was sold for 1.95 million pounds (or $2,796,301.34).  A partial quote, curtsy of  jkrowling.com.

“After playing around with a number of different ideas I decided to write a short (for me!) excerpt from a prequel to the Potter series. It is about 800 words long and the action takes place around 3 years before Harry is born,” Rowling stated.

“Although I did feel a bit like a relapsing addict as I sat down to write – the words poured from my pen with frightening ease – I am NOT working on a prequel. Indeed, I’ve written that clearly at the bottom of the card itself. I just thought that this was the best way to make money for two extremely worthwhile charities.”

Rowling stated that she had no intention on writing another Potter novel, but 2-years ago, she sold a handwritten leather-bound fairy tale called The Tales of Beetle the Bard, based off of the book in the Deathly Hallows at a silent auction for $4 million dollars. For more information on The Tales of Beetle the Bard, go to HPANA.com or any other Harry Potter fan site.

(disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and is in no way affiliated with JK Rowling.)


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