JK’s New Fanfiction

After months of anticipation, JK rowling’s “no so prequel” is finally here. The 800-word story features James Potter, Sirius Black and two police men (notice it’s not ‘please-men’ how Arthur Weasley says it) named Sargent Fisher and Sargent Anderson, was finally released to the public. The short story was written for a writer’s group and dyslexia charity auction that many British authors were a part of. JK rowling’s story fetched a remarkable $48,900, or $61.13 per word.

The 5.75 by 8.25 inch index card story is about James, Sirius and Sirius’ flying motorbike, getting in trouble with the Muggle police for speeding. Since James and Sirius are not one’s for the rules, they use their magic (they’re now legal in the wizarding world) to escape. They confound the policemen and drive away.

What I found most interesting about this story, and JK Rowling, is that it’s like she was writing her own “fan fiction.” When she was writing the story, she stated the words flowed out her brain onto the paper with “ease, it was scary.” It’s a short amusing about James and Sirius in their prime-mischievous days. However, since it was hand written my JK Rowling herself, it was hard to read. JK’s handwriting is really unique and “cool” looking, but very difficult to decipher. But all in all, it’s a funny little excerpt into JK Rowling’s mind, and to further enjoy he fun characters of James and Sirius. Who knows, maybe she’ll write another one?

Here’s the link to read the story. Click here.

(disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, that belongs to JK Rowling.)


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