The Epilogue Debate

Hello again my friends! I was sitting at work with nothing to do, so how JK Rowling all started the Harry Potter series with a napkin and a black-ball-point pen, I’m writing to you from a Target photo box. Amusing isn’t it? Last week, I was getting information for my blog and I came my favorite fan fiction website I was reading a story about “The Golden Trio’s” (plus Ginny) children and that got me to thinking about the epilogue at the end of the series.

(Spoiler Warning)
The epilogue takes place 19 years later, after Voldemort is defeated by Harry. It features Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and their children Albus, Lily, James (Harry and Ginny’s) and Rose and Hugo (Ron and Hermione’s). It also has a tiny glimpse of Draco and his son Scorpius. The scene is on Platform 9 3/4 where The Golden Trio are seeing their children off to Hogwarts.
Many of my friends are Harry Potter fans, we’ve been with JK Rowling since the beginning back in 1998 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published; and most of my friends are not a fan of the epilogue… but I, however, am. In the Harry Potter series, Harry is constantly getting into trouble (not the Fred and George version of trouble though). He has a hard life losing his parents, living with the Dursley’s, fighting off Dementors and trolls… just trying to stay alive long enough to kill the Dark Lord, Voldemort. But the one thing that gets him through all those trials is the love that he shares with his friends.

Some say that the epilogue was too boring, but I say “Why not?” Harry’s had a hard first 17 years of his life, I think he deserves a boring adulthood without killing any evil Lords out there. He was forced to grow up very fast, and he now gets a chance to “be a kid” with his own children and to become a father that his father was (or never was) and would be to them. Harry will forever be the “Boy Who Lived”, but he can choose how he lives his life. Being “boring” is what he needs, wouldn’t you want the same thing?

You can find more information on the books here at

(Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter… that belongs only to JK Rowling.)


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