Huh… It’s Called a What?

halfbloodp1Some of you are not “in tune with your inner Harry Potter knowledge” yet, but I’m here to help. I have noticed that I’ve been using some terms that you might not be aware of like the Elder Wand, Horcrux’s, Voldemort (character fyi), “Expelliarmus,” ect. Well, I’m going to explain what a Horcrux is, how it’s formed and what you do to destroy one in case you come across one. (… you can at least laugh a little…).

A Horcrux: What is it? It is a magical object that is created to become immortal. Since Voldemort was afraid of Death, he wanted to find a way to become immortal, and this was the solution. Rowling described a Horcrux as a “receptacle in which a dark wizard has hidden a part of his soul for the purposes of attaining immortality.” With part of a wizard’s soul stored, the wizard becomes immortal so long as the Horcrux remains intact and unharmed. For this reason, Horcruxes are typically hidden in a safe location. Even if the wizard’s body is destroyed, a portion of his soul will remain preserved within the Horcrux thus living for eternity. However, the destruction of the creator’s body leaves the wizard or witch in a state of half-life, without corporeal form. Voldemort is the only wizard explicitly mentioned as having created a Horcrux (though others are known to have done so), and is the only wizard known to have created more than one, seven to be exact.

How is it formed? A creation of a Horcrux requires one to commit a murder, which, as “the supreme act of evil, (…) rips the soul apart.” A Horcrux can be made from any normal object, including living organisms (like Harry). Destroying a Horcrux will destroy the fragment of soul contained within it, ending its protection and returning the creator to a state of mortality. If a wizard/witch has created more than one Horcrux, he will remain immortal until all are destroyed. Once destroyed, the wizard or witch will die normally if mortally wounded.

How are they destroyed? Horcruxes are extremely difficult to destroy. They cannot be destroyed by conventional means such as smashing, breaking, or burning. In order to be destroyed, a Horcrux must suffer damage so severe that repair through magical means would be impossible. The object that Ron, Harry and Hermione (and Dumbledore) used to kill the Horcruxes was the Sword of Gryffindor (which has Basilisk venom on the blade) and basilisks’ fangs. The venom of a basilisk is fatal, one drop on your skin and you would die within 10 minutes or less, so this method was quite effective. Once irreparably damaged, the fragment of soul within a Horcrux is destroyed and the host made weaker, easier to destroy in the end.

Voldemort made 7 Horcrux’s. Why do you ask? For one, he wanted to live forever and since 7 is the most powerful horcruxnumber, he split his soul into 7 objects and organisms. The Horcrux’s were Tom Riddle’s diary,Marvolo Gaunts ring (also the Resurrection Stone), Salazar Slytherin’s locket, Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Voldemorts pet snake Nagini anf of course Harry Potter. Six out of the 7 were made on purpose. When Voldemort heard about the prophecy, “born as the 7th month dies, born to those who have thrice defied him… has power the Dark Lord does not” he gets nervous and journey’s to destroy Harry and to make his last horcrux from him, but the plan backfired and he accidentally made Harry a Horcrux.

So, hopefully that helps just a little bit. My next entry will be about the Deathly Hallows, the items in which Voldemort was after, especially The Elder Wand.


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